It’s both. It’s always been quality and quantity when it comes to having a successful writing career.

This was NOT supposed to be the first article I wrote as I returned to writing on Medium again after more than a year’s hiatus.


I was supposed to write about why I was away for so long and why I’m back (sort of), however, after spending some time reading Medium articles to see what was new on the platform since I’ve been gone, I quickly realized not much had changed when it came to giving bad writing advice to new Medium writers.

After reading several writing articles all but one gave some version of the tried and tired…

And workers become the unwilling lambs to be sacrificed on the altar of low wages and bad working conditions.

Photo by Ricky Singh on Unsplash

Apparently small business owners are Gods.

So much so that when they start whining that they can’t find workers because “no one wants to work anymore” due to government handouts in the form of “generous” unemployment benefits, our government seeks to appease them by ending the benefits early and hoping that workers will be destitute and desperate enough to take any position that’s offered regardless of its ability to afford a basic standard of living.

Twenty-five states have ended federal unemployment benefits early claiming that the generous benefits are preventing businesses from finding needed workers as the economy continues to…

It’s time to move on from the publication in its current form

So I’ve agonized with this decision a bit.

This account was my main Medium account, my only Medium account initially, but after landing in Curation Jail and an algorithmic change that killed my earnings, I decided to stop posting here until I figured out what I wanted to do with the account.

Initially, I was going to shut it down altogether, but with Med Daily here, and having grown it to 1000 plus followers, I wasn’t sure I wanted to just throw that at all away. …

Curation Jail: The Series

Hint: It rhymes with Duration Mail

In this edition of Curation Jail: The Series, we’ll look at why you might have multiple accounts and specifically why I have four different Medium accounts.

Of the four I have two are paid and two are not. Depending on how things go with the unpaid accounts will determine whether or not I turn them into paid accounts.

Account Number 001 | Paid

The first account is my main account which is the account where this article will be published. …

Med Daily is a decentralized pub so everyone can publish their own work.

Consider this a Med Daily PSA.

Since Med Daily is a decentralized pub everyone has the status of an editor, but it doesn’t mean everyone is actually an editor.

What I mean by this is you have the ability to publish your own work once it’s ready, but you shouldn’t publish other’s work if you see a draft or scheduled article in the queue.

For example, this post was initially scheduled to go live today. A well-meaning Med Daily writer/editor published it on Sunday I’m assuming because they saw it sitting in the queue.

I didn’t need or want them…

Just when it felt like things were moving in the right direction

Writing for Medium is one big mind fuck.

Just when you think you have a handle on things and you’re moving in the right direction (albeit slowly), the rug gets pulled from under you, and you find yourself having to reevaluate everything you thought you know and whether it is still worth it to continue.

Things were great, and while progress was slow, I still regularly made progress, and I had circled the month when I should have crossed $1000 a month on the site.

Then the algo update that saw so many writers see an increase in views happened…

Your Weekly Med Daily Newsletter


Welcome to another edition of Med Weekly, the weekly newsletter for our community publication Med Daily.

I’m in computer hell

So my apologies to everyone who is waiting to get added as an Editor. I know I have some people who submitted requests at the end of December and I’m sure there have been some since the new year began, and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to them yet.

However, I have three basically dead computers in the house. I’m currently typing on the last one that has half a screen available. I can’t get into the Apple Store until Monday (I had…

A look at the best writing tips and advice from Medium’s savviest writers for the week of January 5 to January 11.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Medium’s Algo Update Killed My Back Catalog

The one thing the new pay method did for me was make my back catalog of articles a lot more profitable. On days I didn’t write on this account I could still make $5 off of all of my old articles.

Things were great and while progress was slow, I still regularly made progress and I had circled the month when I should have crossed $1000 a month on the site.

I’ve always said writing for Medium was a total mindfuck and well, that hasn’t changed. Once they updated the new homepage to showcase more writing from writers you follow…

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